Who is Charlie Breaker?

Who is Charlie Breaker?

Breaker of Bones,
Breaker of Hearts,
Breaker of Laws.

Many of you will know me, if not, you will think you do by the time you finished reading this book.
I’m no snowflake, in fact I’m the complete opposite. Don’t expect Political correctness because I’m far from P.C. myself.
Expect to be shocked, disgusted or jus downrightly appalled at the way I lived my life of crime day by day. If your easily offended I suggest you don’t visit this website.

Equally, if there’s a decent bone in your body, you won’t!

Charlie Breaker

By Joe Pyle Jnr

Charlie was a good pal to everyone and had a pub in Nunhead, Peckham and another in West Norwood.

Me and me Dad would always go there and have a drink with Charlie and it would always end up being a lock-in. When we started doing the shows at Caesars Palace in Streatham, he started bringing some of the boys he had on his team to the shows to fight our boys.

Charlie himself was a well known ex bare-knuckle fighter himself and loved the fights. He bought a few good lads to us and they always put up a good show, that sold loads a tickets.

As a thankyou, we created a belt called 'The Charlie Breaker, South London Champion.' He bought us some good fighters, Darren Taylor could have a row and boxed a few times, even winning 'The Charlie Breaker Belt'. Charlie now lives in Spain and runs a big bar out there.

One funny story was when we held a Charity Night for Ronnie Biggs at The Park pub in West Norwood. It was about 10o/c at night, when someone runs in the pub saying there were Traffic Wardens outside putting outside the pub putting tickets on the cars. Ten at night for fuck sake. We weren't having that!

A few of us run out of the bar and chased the 'Two Bob Mugs' off up the road. The clip of what happened after was on YouTube, where I'm talking about the robbing bastards. I was drunk but it was a good night.

Thanks Charlie.